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I remember hearing this ad on the radio when I was a kid- this classic lumber yard work apron says ‘Browns Better Boards Build Better Buildings’, an advertising apron for Brown Lumber Service.  and gives the rest of the info at the chest above the wide segmented pocket at the hem.


This building supply biz was located in inner SE Portland. Back in the day there were LOTS of mom & pop lumber & hardware stores scattered about town. Stores like teis were the norm YEARS before the concept of big box stores existed. My dad always had a project he was working on and often took me with him. I can still remember the smell of the lumber and hardware stores... awesome memory!


Pre-owned, used; it’s stained with god-only-knows-what work goop that didn’t come out when I carefully washed the apron. These advertising aprons have to be handled gently because these promotional aprons weren’t always printed with water-stable ink.


This apron measures—

Center front length- 21 1/2” 

Waist- 13 1/2” across between the waist ties

Each apron string or tie end is 24” long

Vintage 50s 60s Advertising Apron Brown Lumber Service Portland


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