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Your order

Here's what happens at my place after place an order on Retromonde Vintage. First I get a notice of your order and do a happy dance. Funny but after selling online for 20 years I'm still excited to make a sale 🙂 Next I locate your order in my storage room and pack it securely. Printing your shipping label comes next. I purchase the shipping label and pay postage thru Paypal. Simple, huh? 


Once a day I run packages to my local post office and maybe catch a Pokemon while I’m there :-) The transaction is complete for me; I’m happy knowing that you’ll soon receive your order and be as thrilled as I was when I found that treasure. 

Returns & Refunds

Let's talk about returns before we get to the shipping details. As a nice person I really want you to be happy with your purchase! But as a seller I hate returns because they’re messy, tie up money for both of us and are often super dramatic. So let’s get it over with quickly. I accept returns within 30 days of your purchase, proven by the postmark. Shipping cost isn't  refundable. If you’re not happy with your order, please contact me ASAP so we can work out details if necessary. 

Shipping Info

I'm exhausted trying to keep up with USPS's shipping increases so am no longer offering free shipping. Actual cost is calculated by the packaged weight from here in Oregon to your location. Packages are sent in either poly mailer envelopes, bubble wrap envelopes or lightweight but sturdy cardboard boxes. Your order is carefully wrapped to protect it from moisture in transit and on arrival.


Small items up to 16 ounces in weight can be sent using USPS first class. It’s the most cost effective shipping method but not the fastest. If you need it faster contact me I can upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority Mail. This is normally 2-7 days. Traditionally mail moves slower during holidays and bad weather/natural disaster events. If you need the item the next day I can do that too but it’s expensive. Since I'm on the West coast, express mail has to be at my PO before noon to arrive at the destination on time. 

All purchases are in stock and ready to ship 1-2 days business days of your purchase. I mail Monday thru Saturday but never on Sunday because 1) the post office is closed  and 2) I need & deserve a day off. 

International Orders

I've just moved my website from a different host and am learning how international shipping works here. I've set up a bare minimum of countries I'm used to shipping to for now- the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan for now. If you're from a different country please contact me to see if I can ship there. I'll add more once I'm more familiar with the shipping app.

One warning though. Please don't ask me to lie about about your order's value on the customs form OR declare the item as a gift. I’m sorry; I know those VAT fees or taxes are very expensive, especially combined with shipping. But any duty or customs fees are YOUR responsibility, not mine. They’re NOT INCLUDED in the invoiced total. Sorry, there are NO RETURNS on international orders

If you refuse to pay your customs fees the item will eventually be returned to me. This usually takes several weeks or up to several months! Upon the safe return of the item I’ll issue a refund for purchase price ONLY, not shipping cost. 

Sales Tax

Sales taxes are complicated and I’m a micro-business without a team of experts. I live in Oregon and we don’t have a state sales tax (yet). Most other states do collect sales tax and have a super- complicated system for collection. I don’t want to learn 46 different systems with their multiple tax entities! Each state has a different threshold (or nexus) of actual sales or sales totals I need to exceed before I need to collect & submit taxes to them. If I cross that line it’s forever and gonna be a PITA. So for now I’m not collecting taxes but am VERY CAREFULLY monitoring my sales to be sure I don’t cross any of those lines. If necessary I’ll cut off sales to various states to avoid crossing that line and then re-assess finding help for sales tax issues.

Any Other Questions? 

If you still have questions about shipping, returns, etc, please use the CONTACT for at the head of the page to send me an email. I should be able to reply within a few hours. Or click that funny green box in the corner to contact me right away. Thanks! 

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