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Product information

How old is it?

Almost everything on this website actually proper vintage- at least 20 years old, not newly made to look old. I’m allowing myself a few exceptions like tees & ties that are 15-19 years old but still awesome or hard-to-find. The actual age and other details are included in the description which you avidly read, right? 


The goods I sell are all pre-owned so you should assume your item has been used. Everything I sell here has either been washed by myself OR is in what I consider clean but as-found condition. Some silk scarves & ties can't be washed because of the risk of color bleeding. These are carefully hung outside in the fresh air before mailing. Honestly tho, almost anything CAN be washed at home if you're careful. 

I rarely dry clean anything I sell to others because of the harsh chemicals used in the process and the potential of allergies or other life-threatening reactions for various buyers. Heavy items like coats or blankets I can't wash are already priced lower  because I haven't dry cleaned them myself.

This business is operated from my home and everything is stored here in a clean, dry storage area. It's not pet-free but once items have been cleaned they're stored upstairs where no pets are allowed to roam. 

Non-smoking home!

What about flaws?

Because I purchase, wash, iron and photograph everything myself, I get a real good look at an item’s condition before listing it. If I’ve noticed any flaws in the item I either mend the damage myself, discard the item or point out the flaw in the description. Did I mention that you really really should read the description? If the item you receive has an undisclosed flaw, you’ll need to contact me ASAP to discuss our options. If you want to return it, be prepared to send me a photo of the flaw so I can see for myself what I missed.

What color is it?

Colors can be tricky to photograph accurately. And monitors don’t all show the exact color either. I try to present as true a color as possible in my photos. Again, if you’re not sure, use the contact form to ask me questions.


I spend a lot of time taking accurate measurements but all measurements are still approximate. Please take the time to read & understand the measurements. Don’t go by the size you see on the label in the pictures- vintage sizing norms have changed drastically over the decades. Always read the measurements given in the description. A reliable tape measure is your bestie when buying clothes online. (By the way, a cloth tape will stretch over time, making it inaccurate. Even being less than an inch off can make a huge difference between fitting or not. I use a modern plastic tape and replace them often).


The measurements I provide are taken from the actual garment. Use these to compare YOUR actual measurements with the garment measurements I provide. Be sure to add a little extra room for ease or ‘wiggle room’ so you can move when wearing your garment. 

Still have questions? I’d love to help you. Use either the form in the menu bar at the top of this site to send me an email or use the chat button to contact me directly.

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