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Welcome to Retromonde Vintage, an independently owned website devoted to genuine pre-owned vintage clothing, accessories and home goods. I’ve been selling online at various venues since about 2000. The ones you’ve probably heard of are eBay, Etsy and Poshmark.

Selling on large corporate venues is an adventure with pros & cons. But the rules needed to control mega-sellers in the US & abroad are a poor fit for a 1 person micro-business. I’m an indie seller of unique vintage items; I’m not looking for mega-scalability; I don’t want to become a household name. I simply want to provide you with carefully selected, high-quality, GENUINE vintage products.

I ship within 2 business days because I live near 4 different post office locations. Each item is carefully packaged to ensure it gets to you safely. If there’s a problem I'll provide one-on-one customer service to ensure you’re happy with the transaction; feedback or reviews are unnecessary. Read more about shipping etc on my FAQ page.

I’m an experienced seller but don’t expect you to take my word for it. I’d like you to feel comfortable dealing with my business so please take a look at feedback at each venue--

eBay- I don’t have an active store there now but my user name is Retromonde. My feedback is there and occasionally I run an auction or two.

Retromonde Vintage on Etsy offers women’s & children’s vintage clothing & accessories, household goods and crafty supplies for makers. 

on Poshmark I sell contemporary clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. 

I'm Sandra, owner of Retromonde Vintage 


Old enough to remember wall phones, NOT eating or drinking in the car and waiting to see a favorite movie once a year (The Wizard of Oz), I’ve been married over 40 years to Brian, my sweetheart & best friend. We have 3 children and 4 grandkids that I spoil shamelessly.


Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon, I’m often out & about town, searching attics, basements & thrift stores for more goods to stock my store. Yep... I’m a professional rag picker (I love saying that). I’ve been doing this for decades and can’t see any reason to ever quit doing what I love.

If I’m not working I could be at the beach, at home sewing or knitting, or in my garden/yard taking pictures of flowers, birds & bugs.  Or I may be out hunting Pokemon with the grands, playing poker with friends OR jammin' at a reggae show- ya never know!

Me an a beautiful Oregon beach, wearing my favorite Chippewa jacket and some trashed overalls I'm repairing with visible mending.

Why Vintage?

Why do I sell vintage and antique things online instead of working a 9-5 job somewhere? Simple- after doing this for decades I still love everything about selling & using vintage & antique goods. You know what I mean... that OLD stuff (TOS) that so many people just don’t understand or appreciate. I love the thrill of the hunt AND the research about what I’ve found after I get it home. I really enjoy giving others the opportunity to reuse something that had been discarded and was headed for a landfill before I found it. The craftsmanship present in both textiles & hard goods that were created in an earlier time is often superior to what we have available to us today making it a pleasure to wear or use. Maybe that explains the countless hours I often spend restoring or mending what I find.

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