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This is an antique Victorian-era red stripe bandanna handkerchief. I didn’t realize how old it is until I was researching the turkey red dye process and saw a similar bandana displayed at a Glasgow museum that was attributed to the 1870s.


Unmarked, it’s turkey red with off-white discharge-printed striped borders and a small ditsy diamond print in the large central area. Hemmed along 2 edges, the bandana fabric selvedges forms the other 2 edges. 


Pre-owned, used. The bandana has dark stains that didn’t come out with a careful but QUICK wash. The color is NOT FAST. When the water began to turn pink I managed to get it rinsed and into a towel before the red dye could bleed onto the light areas. The print is crooked making for uneven border areas. And there’s a short tear and a couple of tiny holes at one hemmed edge. But in spite of this damage it will be a terrific addition to a serious bandana collection. 


Measures 21” x 25”



Antique Victorian Turkey Red Striped Bandana #408


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