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This is a gorgeous antique Martha Washington turkey red paisley bandana from the early part of the 20th century. Unfortunately it has a bit of damage near one edge and I have a sad story to tell about that.


I made the mistake of washing a basket full of bandanas and hanging them outside on my clothesline. Then I left for a couple of hours. Well, strong wind came up during that time and whipped all my hanging bandanas ferociously. This bandana and several others suffered damage at the corners and other spots. Lesson learned- if I am drying bandanas or scarves outdoors I don't leave them unattended! 


As you can see it's a deep red & off white bandana with stylized roses or other floral around the border and small round flowers in the central area. Labeled "Martha Washington, S. H. Greene & Co." at the upper left corner. The damage is about 3" down from the same corner; it's a jagged tear that maybe could be carefully mended but I'm leaving it along for now. 

Antique Bandana Martha Washington Turkey Red Paisley AS IS


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