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This is a vintage red bandana handkerchief or head scarf. The print and small text makes me think it's from the 60s but I could be wrong. Marked in the lower left corner, "Washfast Colors, all cotton, Rn 14193". It's finished with a super-narrow machine sewn hem along 3 edges; the 4th edge is the fabric selvedge. 


Pre-owned, used; sold AS IS because of one splat of yellow paint on the front surface near the paisley print. The bandana's been laundered but I didn't try any paint remover for fear of causing more damage than the paint. Nice bandana tho- I like the lazy swirl of the paisley print around the edges!


Measures 20 1/2" x 21 1/2"



Vintage Red Bandana Large Paisley Border Print #171


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