Here's an awesome but flawed vintage blue Tuside polka dot bandana handkerchief from pre-1950. Made of softly faded blue cotton with a white 'donut' polka dot border and a small dotted central area. Since this is a simple 2 color pattern I assume it was printed with the discharge technique. Finished with a super-narrow machine stitched hem around 3 edges with a raw selvedge as the 4th edge. Marked in the lower right corner, "Guaranteed fast color Tuside".


COLOR ALERT- my photos aren't showing the allover faded color of this vintage bandana.


Now for the bad news- this is sold AS IS because of a chunk out of one corner and a mended rip near the 'bite'. There's another hole along one of the hemmed edges that's not super visible because there's still some threads hanging on. Priced with the flaw but it's still a great Tuside bandana.


Measures 20" x 22"



Vintage Blue Tuside Polka Dot Bandana AS IS #446