OMG this is a blast from my own (high school)  and my kids past! These Goody Kiddies Barrettes are a brand-new set of animal shaped  barrettes. Copyright 1972 but I'm sure they were still being sold in the mid 80s. .. the original price of .59 shows they're not reproductions, lol! These are still fastened to their original cardboard insert inside the plastic covering.


This set includes 6 pair of approx. 1" long plastic barrettes that snap shut at one end. Each one is (thank you!!) shaped for either the left or right side of the head. I'm a little OCD about stuff facing the wrong way, lol. 


Obviously these are intended for kids that don't put things in their mouth anymore so don't use them on babies or young toddlers if that's any kind of risk. Or just buy & use them yourself :-)  

Vintage 70s Animal Shaped Kids Barrettes NEW