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Here's a useful piece of vintage sewing haberdashery- a clear plastic sewing thread caddy by Lady Beth. Probably from the 50s, it features a nifty feature- the shelves with spindles that hold the spools of thread in place. These shelves actually fold forward when the box is opened, making it SO MUCH easier to grab the spool you want. Anything that made the chore of sewing & mending easier was a big deal back in the day (still true today, right?)


The box measured 6 1/4" tall X 5" wide X 2 1/2" deep when unopened. 


I've included a nice assortment of vintage sewing thread, all on small wooden spools, for your sewing needs. Just a word of advice- old cotton thread isn't always strong after decades so be sure to give the thread a good hard TUG before you use it for sewing an entire garment. But it's great for hand sewing- especially visible mending, applique and even embroidery!

Vintage 50s Lady Beth Plastic Thread Caddy and Spools


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