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I LOVE this vintage Ralph Lauren silk scarf but decided not to keep it! The off-white scarf has an Asian print featuring peony flowers and long Chinese dragons amongst the floral print. You can see the dragon heads/faces in the center floral motif- they're awesome! But I'm partial to dragons on anything lol! The scarf's a large square with machine stitched rolled hems. 


Measures 34 1/2"  x 35"


Pre-owned, used; in great condition with no noted flaws UNTIL just now :-( As I was handling the scarf to measure along the edges, i somehow tugged on a hemming thread and pulled out a length of stitching before I realized what was happening. Dang!


But no worries- I have repaired the hem with extra fine thread. Price has been discounted a bit because it's not technically in original condition anymore. 

Ralph Lauren Scarf Chinese Dragons Peony Floral Print


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