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This is an awesome and somewhat rare antique turkey red bandana from the early part of the 20th century. The bandana is that deep red that's unmistakable once you've actually handled a 100 year old bandana. This one is hemmed on 2 edges and has 2 woven selvedges. The print is an open geometric pattern with small motifs in the center. 


The lower right corner shows the text- 'Fast Color' and the camel with a tiny silhouette of a rider. Next to that logo is a narrow woven label with the previous owner's name. I sorta LOVE that the bandana was prized enough to make sure it wa returned to her if it was lost- that's the HUMAN part of selling antiques/vintage that's really special. 


Let's talk condition- this antique bandana is still a true red but has been washed enough that it's soft to the touch. It's red with what was a black & white motif- the black has faded to a sorta gray/brown color. That probably means the black will dissolve eventually, leaving holes behind, The best way to prevent this it to use archival materials for storage or display. If it's worn, you'd better be gentle with it.  There is a 2" long slash where it's worn thru about an inch from the upper right corner selvedge.


Measures 19" X 20" 



Antique Turkey Red Bandana Camel Logo Double Selvedge #186


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