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Vintage Elephants- Bandanas & Stuff

I haven’t blogged in awhile… sorry. I keep overthinking the process. But today as I was rearranging & sorting stuff to prep for listing this blog post sorta created itself. The subject- elephant images. These were all in my dining room!

Last Wednesday my family enjoyed a trip to our favorite Asian grocery store in Southeast Portland- Fubonn Shopping Center, on SE 82nd Ave. If you’re a local I highly recommend the place! Today I was tidying up folding the paper grocery bag (oops, forgot to bring my own bag again) I noticed this lovely Elephant Brand logo.. with it’s trunk up. It’s a brand of rice.

Then I decided that I should maybe launder some of the vintage bandanas that I’ve been gathering to sell. These were sitting in a stack on my cluttered cabinet. I picked them up and beneath them was this watch. (Yeah, ‘tidy’ isn’t my middle name, lol.) Taking a close look at the watch face I saw another elephant, again with a trunk up. Hmm.

I set them on the table, turned around to the open shelf above the bandanas and saw these beauties waiting for their own shelf on my wall. Eureka, I get it now… a blog post is born! Here’s my little herd of elephants- I think they’re so cute because they’re so darned tiny!

And back to that stack of bandanas. About half of them were vintage Elephant brand bandanas, all marked ‘Fast Color, 100% Cotton’.

Bringing up the rear is this modern clunker- an elephant bandana with a horrible blobby black elephant. Made in China, it’s a nice enough modern bandana that will probably age well enough and be properly vintage in 20 years. But I’m not a fan… oh well.


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