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Snowed in? I may as well list challis scarves!

It was a lovely day… no, not really. It’s sunny but super-cold for Portland Oregon; it’s a mere 18 degrees outside  and not supposed to rise above freezing today. Since I work from home and am indeed stuck at home (I prefer to not drive on ice or snow) it’s the perfect time to cozy up with yet another cuppa coffee and focus on adding inventory to my store.

Today I’ll begin with some vintage challis scarves. Either square or oblong, they’re a perfect accessory to add color to a winter coat but are also at home with denim or a heavy sweater. My favorites are made of wool challis but some people can’t wear wool. In that case rayon, acrylic or polyester is a good choice. The bonus for synthetics is no worry about moth damage or finicky cleaning methods. Here’s a few of my current winter faves, available soon.



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