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Random Friday Things About Plant Stuff

Vintage Planters For My Home

After reading back over my rather sparse posts over the years that I’ve been blogging I’ve decided to try to add blog posts more often. Looking back at what I’ve written it seems I’m sorta obsessed with bandanas. That’s not true though I do think they’re wonderful and am inspired to make some myself. But I do have a life outside of picking, researching, cleaning & selling things online.

Recently my love of houseplants has been revived. Over the years I’ve got a bad reputation in my family of being a plant killer; they banished me from tending indoor plants. But since discovering the ‘reminder’ app on my iphone I’ve suddenly got my green thumb back. With the addition of a small greenhouse just off our patio I’m feeling invincible. Well, not quite but I’m trying new things.

Nifty New Plants

My Venus Flytrap bog garden was a failure but they’re somewhat hard to keep alive so that bit of plant carnage doesn’t count against me. I’ll try them again someday. The plumeria start that I brought back from Hawaii 3 years ago is doing well (hope I didn’t just jinx the sweet thing by getting cocky!) And thanks to my recent discovery of the WONDERFUL houseplant selection at Portland Nursery I have all kinds of new plants available. But my planter selection at home is weak. Sure I could go buy some new- that would be easy but where’s the challenge? And I prefer vintage/antique or upcycled things anyway.

So here’s where I get to have fun 🙂 I shop at least once a week in spite of not really needing new inventory. Now when I shop, in addition to seeking textiles, I get to browse pottery, ceramics & glassware (not that I didn’t already). Self control is required; I also have a weakness for antique teacups but really don’t need more.

I’ve posted some pictures of this weeks haul and will continue buying more as I find a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Of course if I end up with more than I need I’ll gift some to family members and sell the rest online. Bet you saw that coming, right? Hint- I’ll probably sell the 2 small vases in the center cause I already have enough of this size flower vase. In addition to holding flowers & foliage, I use them to corral knitting needles and crochet hooks… but knitting, crochet and other craftiness is a whole ‘nother topic.


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