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Mend? Repair? Fix?

Monday snuck past me again and now it's Tuesday. I’ve had mixed results with my Monday mending & fixing projects. Of course visiting my twin grandbabies yesterday was worth the delay- those baby girls are amazing!!

First, here's a few pix of a fix from last week that took longer than I expected. I had to preshrink the trim. Once it was dry I sped through lengthening my jeans and did a preventive repair on an old patch that needed a new patch. I used my sewing machine and zigzag stitch; I'm happy with the results. The sunflowers remind me of the ones I grow in our pumpkin patch, which makes me smile!

Next was a down & dirty quick fix on a laundry hamper/tote I brought home from the thrift store. Both handles had fallen off leaving sharp plastic; carrying the full basket up & down stairs was painful. I used a stray cut-off jeans leg that should wear like iron. A little hand stitching with a large needle and sturdy thread did the trick and only took 30 minutes.

Another project on my list was a vintage picture frame on pedestal that needed new nails and glue in the corners I managed to do the repairs but the frame stands a little wonky and needs more work. Actually, now that it's a day later and I'm looking at the photo instead of the actual frame, the problem and fix is obvious. I'll do that tonight. (ETA- that didn't work either. I'm still brainstorming that repair).

My final project will be to simply darn holes on 3 nice old wool scarves.The two tartan plaid mufflers have only 2 holes each. They were easy and fast to repair. The final scarf is a brown plaid from the Kynoch mill in Keith, Scotland. It has bunches of holes varying sizes scattered from one end to the other. I chose various shades of brown from my Rustic Moire wool sewing thread and then decided to wait until morning to see whether the colors worked in natural daylight. The next day I realized that the fabric was lighter than I thought and the thread I was going to use was just wrong. I'm going to experiment with regular sewing thread and maybe some embroidery thread and see it either of those work. So yet another delay, right? That's okay tho; once begun is half done.

I guess I should just skip the Monday Mending bit (tho it's keeping me on a schedule and that can only help me get thru the stack). As long as I keep making progress AND keep mending more than I bring home lol, the pile should be diminished by the end of the year. Next week I'm going to mix it up and do some vintage clothing repairs as well as a wool scarf or 2. I'd better make sure I have the right supplies while I have time to get what I need. I'll keep working on the brown scarf; hope you have a great week too!


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