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Memories and Old Sewing Patterns

I was going through a box of old sewing patterns I picked up last weekend earlier today. When I picked up this pattern, suddenly I remembered that this had been one of my favorites back in the 70s. I was a constant sewer back then. Oh, how miss it!

I began sewing when I was fairly young, on a treadle sewing machine that my mom ended up with. Mostly I just messed around at first, trying to make clothes for Barbie and the other dolls us girls had. I must have started to sew more seriously in junior high school, but really don’t remember the “A-ha” moment when sewing clicked. My Mom and Grandma both sewed, so they must have encouraged me. I remember my Grandma showing us how to knit. crochet and embroider, but not actually being shown how to sew.

One day when I was in high school, I was in a little store in Portland, The Sewing Circle, that had both handmade clothing and vintage clothing for sale. The owner commented on my smock, similar to the one shown here, and asked if I sewed professionally. Maybe that was my “A-ha”, that I could do something that I loved and be paid for it. I started sewing for her store soon after, and was hooked. There’s nothing quite like having someone like what you yourself have made enough that they are willing to pay for it!

Anyway, I’ve sewn professionally every since. Or I should say, made things to sell. It’s hard to make anything without trying to figure out how to profit from it in some way. Lately I’ve been itching to get back to jewelry making, especially playing with found objects and wire. So if I come up with something I like, I’ll show it here. To my invisible audience that I hope looks at this blog sometimes.


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