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Here's what I LOVE about vintage! This is a hand-sewn miser's purse-style mending bag from the 30s or 40s. This is actually SEWN BY HAND, meaning that it was important to the maker and/or whoever used it! The drawstring bag is made of navy floral print rayon, perhaps a leftover piece to match a dress. Sewn with french seams so it doesn't ravel inside, it's embellished with hand embroidery done in silk? floss. The bottom is reinforced with cardboard, and attached to that is a piece of solid purple cotton to stick pins & needles into. 


Sold AS FOUND, this also includes a painted wood darning egg with handle AND a plastic caddy of much-more-modern threads and notions. I almost took those notions out but decided they would be useful, thus continuing the life of this useful little sewing kit! 


The bag is approx. 6 1/2" tall and the oval cardboard base measures 3" x 5".


This is the perfect gift for any mender or collector of vintage sewing haberdashery. Enjoy!  

Vintage Handmade Sewing Purse Drawstring Bag Darning Egg Notions


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