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This is a super-lovely silk scarf from the late 40s to early 50s. Made of black China silk, it features pink, red & green floral print & border AND delightful large shaped corners with what looks like red daffodils. (Yes, I must be wrong and need to find out what those flowers really are, lol). The edges are all narrow hand-rolled on the long edges and around the shape of the floral corners.


Sold AS IS- the scarf itself is in very good allover condition EXCEPT I just noted about 5" of fiber separation along the border on one edge. Fiber separation isn't a hole or a run, it's where the actual silk threads are pushed out of shape. Once they're wonky like that they rarely go back into place :-( 


A large scarf, it measures 31" x 34" with the measurement taken straight across the center (side to side) , not at the corners which flare out a bit. 

Vintage Black Floral Silk Scarf Red Flowers Shaped Corners


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