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I LOVE the print on this vintage bandanna! This bandana is red cotton with a busy allover print- geometric, circles, swoops, tulips & leaves- it has everything in a black & white print! No idea of it’s age but because of the USPTO RN it’s post 1950… I’m guessing late 50s to mid 60s.


Marked ‘Fast color, 100% cotton, RN 15234’ in the lower right corner. It’s finished with a super-narrow machine sewn hem along 3 sides; the last edge is the original fabric selvedge. Some of the factory-printed white registration marks are visible along one edge.


Pre-owned, used; in good condition with just one flaw- a small brown stain in a border area AND a faint dark spot along the selvedge. Neither spot budged when I washed the bandana but didn't use spot removal potions lol. 


Measures 20” x 22 1/2”



Vintage Red Bandanna Handkerchief Fast Color #08


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