This is an awesome vintage home-sewn smock top from the late 70s. How do I know? I used to work there, lol, and may have sold this blouse!  I worked at the Sewing Circle in the late 70s and knew the sewist of this vintage blouse. Makes me feel ancient but it's kinda cool anyway. Oh well :-)


The blouse is made of a purple crinkle cotton and stitched with red thread. A pullover-style smock, it is tucked and gathered at the center front, has a sedate-for-the-70s pointed collar, long sleeves. All the buttons are vintage- maybe bakelite plastic. She always used vintage buttons on her handmades. 


Pre-owned (duh, right) used. In good overall condition EXCEPT FOR a brown stain near the lower button on the front. I washed the top but didn't use any stain potions so it's possible it could come out but no guarantees. 


OOPS- forgot the measurements. I'll add them later today.

Vintage 70s Hippie Smock Top Purple Cotton Red Buttons