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Here's a stunning vintage 30s bias cut nightgown! Made of peachy pink satin (probably rayon; it doesn't feel like silk satin), cut on the bias so it clings to the curves JUST RIGHT. Plunging front & back neckline trimmed with ecru lace, shaped midriff, full length, no sleeves.


Pre-owned, used; in good overall condition. I just discovered a 1" long shredded 'gash' in the fabric about 6" above the hem near the side seam. If there was enough fabric inside on the seams I could snip a tiny piece and  mend it but the seams are all super-narrow so that's not an option. The price reflects the slight damage.


No label or size markings but it's shown on my size SMALL mannequin. It's quite large on her- I had to pin it to get a good photo. So I'm calling it a modern M/L or medium to large. I took measurements but it's hard to be accurate with bias stretch. Please read the actual garment measurements given next--


Bust- approx. 36" ish around

Waist- 28" not stretched, and up to about 33" gently stretched Side length- approx. 50"

Vintage 30s Bias Cut Satin Nightgown M/L Peach with Ecru Lace Trim Full Length


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