Here's an awesome vintage souvenir cookie tin with carrying handle from the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. The lid features a scene from the ‘world of tomorrow’, the Trylon and Perisphere. Each side of the octagon-shaped tin shows a scene from the fair or NYC- the Empire State Building and requisite airplane (thinking King Kong movie), the Aquarium, skyline from Central Park, Grants Tomb, George Washington Bridge, the Radio City building, Statue of Liberty in the harbor, and Times Square… all done in the 1930s Deco style. The dark blue edge of the lid is a repeat of the Statue of Liberty torch and gold rays.  


The back of the tin is embossed with the text, ‘assorted biscuits, net weight bla bla” from “Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company, bakers of Sunshine Biscuits, Address: New York, NY, made in USA”. 


As mentioned before this is an octagonal tin that measures 9 1/4” across, approx. 3 1/4” tall with a shaped handle that has a 3 1/4” drop. 


Pre-owned, used; a genuine artifact from the late 30s with glorious Art Deco graphics. In good overall condition few dings and with very minimal paint loss. There’s a chip in the paint on the lid exposing the metal beneath but no rust, very slight discoloration on the rolled edges. The inside is nice & clean… a lovely vintage box for todays retro decor or to use.

Vintage 1939 New York Worlds Fair Cookie Tin w/ Handle