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Dr. W. G. Grace Cricket Bandana

The large white mans handkerchief is printed with a photo and article about Dr. W. G. Grace (whom I’d never heard of before.) It claims that he was the Champion Cricketer of the World. That’s a bold statement! So I started to learn about the game of cricket… where it’s played, etc.

I’m an American woman and ignorant about many international sports. Turns out that WG is still considered an important cricket player, even 100 years later! I listed this piece of vintage cricket memorabilia on eBay, hoping to get the handkerchief into the collection of someone who’ll appreciate it. It’s long since sold (for approx. $100) to my great surprise & joy! I love playing matchmaker between people & interesting historic things.

#antiquecricketbandana #DrWGGrace

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